80s Magic!

I went from this fabulous 80s velvet dress/tunic/thing (which i think is actually from the 80s, i have actually had it since i think mid-90s and it was second hand then) which never got worn, as despite being such lovely colours it was just a bit TOO much, and that awkward not-quite-dress, not-quite-top length. Apologies as always for the pile of junk that is my room.



To this – I’ve always wanted a tail coat! IMG_4047


Ok, so this isn’t really a proper tail coat (for a start it only has one tail) but it has the right sort of look! And the colour is much less overwhelming now. I just folded it in half so the cutting line would be symmetrical, chopped off the bits i didn’t want and hemmed. I don’t know if you can tell in the pictures but i gave it pointy pixie sleeves as well. The two metal clasps i used came free with a magazine that i was given as a gift, so this refashion was totally free! And i still have quite a lot of 80s wizard velvet to use somewhere else…including those massive pockets!




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