Summery Skirts

Maybe a little prematurely, i’ve been picking through my stash digging out bits of fabric and old clothing to make a few summery skirts (despite it still being rather chilly in the English North!)

This elasticated waist hi-lo skirt was originally a very straight and shapeless wrap-around skirt, but i liked the print – makes me think of a tropical beach!




And this one was just a plain piece of fabric i’d inherited from a friend (no before pic sorry, but i’m sure you imagine a big piece of fabric!) and became a similar skirt, with a scrappy flower pin that i can wear on the skirt or use to help co-ordinate a jacket or top.


This last was a lovely lightweight fabric i picked up in a charity shop, just a massive bundle of the stuff – i’ve still got lots left – and i knew immediately what i wanted to do with at least some of it.




Another elastic waist skirt, this time in the form of a squared-circle-skirt! All the fullness of the circle, but with the interesting pointy bits of the square :) All i did was cut 2 squares from the mass of fabric, hem the straight edges, place them together with the corners offset, cut a too-large circle from the centre and sew around the circle-within-the-square (if that makes sense!), first with ‘right’ sides together, then turned ‘wrong’ sides together and stitched around the circle a couple of centimetres in to make my elastic casing. Threaded the elastic through, sewed up the gap and voila! At some point i may make a longer version with a zippered waist, but for this one i wanted an easy make with no zips or measuring, and was happy for the finished product to be short and sweet!


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