Warming up for Autumn

Autumn is well and truly here where i live, and it’s shaping up to be a resolutely wet and cold one! I haven’t got a lot of time to tell you about these refashions, but they’re all in the Autumn warm-and-toasty theme!


Firstly – I started with a thrifted black polo neck jumper, and a red one half chopped up already from another project



plus another thrifted red jumper and some black lace fabric left over from something years ago. I also had a few bits of red and black tshirt fabric which i cut into strips to use as edging.

I cut off the original necklines from the red and black jumpers, and finished the edges using contrasting tshirt fabric. I used the same tshirt fabric to add ruffled cuffs to the sleeves.


I cut large heart shapes from the red knit scraps and the black lace, and appliqued them onto the front of the jumpers. On the red jumper i used more black tshirt scraps to create a ruffle all around the heart.


ta daa! These chaps are now available in my Etsy shop, as is the lovely and fluffy warm cardigan below, to which i’ve added crocheted flare cuffs and button placket, and changed up the buttons to make them more eye-catching and unique.


My final autumn refashion (also for the etsy monster) is another adaptation, of a knit tank top which i have modified by cutting down the neckline (as it was ridiculously tight) and finishing with tshirt fabric again, and done the same to the bottom hem which was coming undone, then decorated liberally with buttons!


Everything i make seems to be going on Etsy at the moment, essentially because i’ve made a lot of stuff for myself over the summer, and at the moment i feel like i need the funds! At some point though it’s going to get really cold, and i’ll just have to make some of these lovely warm things for me! :)


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