Crochet time!!

I’ve had a bit more time recently to do some bits of crochet, which i hadn’t for a month or two, so i’ve been making the most of it! Here are a couple of pretty shawls i’ve been making :)

IMG_2698 IMG_2705 IMG_2706

I’m really loving these autumnal russet colours at the moment. They’re so lush and warm!!

There are a couple of blue ones underway as well, no photos as yet. They are a simple granny square pattern, each square joined in to the whole as its final round is worked. I love this new way of joining the squares, something i’ve only figured out relatively recently. I used to just make all the squares then sew them together, which is fine, but this way is quicker and lets the shawl keep more of a lacy, soft, and less solid feel.


If you are interested in how to do this, it’s actually very simple. The first square is worked as a normal granny square – [3dc, 1ch] repeated along the side, and 3ch to turn at the corners. when working the final round of the second square, work as normal except on one side, which will be the joining side. on this side, when you come to turn the first corner, work 2ch, sl st into the 3ch at a corner of the first square, 1ch, then work 3dc into the corner space on your second square as you would normally to complete the corner. Ch1, sl st into the next space on your first square, ch1, work 3dc into the next space on your second square. Continue across the rest of the ‘joining side’. When you reach the next corner, work your 3dc into the corner space, ch1, sl st into the corner space of the first square, ch2, and then work 3dc into the corner space of your second square to complete that corner. Work the rest of your second square as normal.


It gets a little more complicated when you’re joining a square to other squares on two sides, but not much. Just work as above, but at a corner where you’re joining to 2 squares, work the 3dc into the corner space of your current square, ch1, sl st into the corner space of the first square to be joined, ch1, sl st into the corner of the next square, ch1, then work your 3dc to complete the corner of your current square. It may sounds complex, but it feels very logical once you’re doing it.


More shawls and woolly things to follow soon, i’ve been having an unseasonal blitz on jumpers and warm clothes that have been in my ‘do something with’ pile for far too long!





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