It’s cake time!!

So, every year i have a cake stall at a couple of small music festivals hosted by our lovely ‘local’ pub (by no means our closest pub, but definitely the closest that we regularly go to). Their acoustic music festival is coming up and i’d been suckered into ordering a ‘free’ (actualy cost about £2 p&p)  tshirt from vistaprint when i last ordered more business cards, intending to make it into some sort of top to wear for the weekend.

Then i had a better idea! The only apron i currently own is black and has swearing on it, and doesn’t really fit with the cute and chintzy feel i’m generally going for with a crafty-cake stall-thing at a local festival. So – ta-daaaa! Take one XL vistaprint tshirt, remove sleeves, which when spread out turn out to be almost the exact right shape for pockets, trim sleeves into pocket shapes, trim rest of tshirt into apron shape and edge everything in bias binding. Voila!

IMG_2833Sadly i’m rubbish at this sort of thing and can’t work out how to get the picture to flip, but in case you’re struggling the text says ‘it’s cake time!’ and then underneath ‘with cherries on top’. The pocket is just both sleeves stitched together, and the body of the apron uses both front and back of the tshirt for extra thickness and durability. So this ended up being almost a zero-waste refashion – all i threw away was the original shoulder seams, and a few scraps i snipped off the edges. Yay!

And, for those of you who are sitting going ‘swearing? on an apron? wtf?!!’ I thought i should show you my original refashioned apron. If you happen to be reading this with small children, or have delicate sensibilities, please be warned. Please ensure that your children/sensibilities look away now! In truth, the offending text is very small in the picture below so unless you click to enlarge it you probably won’t be able to read it anyway.


This apron, while admittedly potentially a little offensive, is very dear to me. It’s made from a t-shirt that used to belong to my best friend, and the ties and waistband from my old red shirt that i got signed by some schoolfriends’ band years and years ago (black marker does NOT come out in the wash – have a look at the left tie!), so it has a lot of good memories. The silly text on the front makes me smile every time i get it out to do some baking – as i had done just before taking this picture it would seem from all the flour smudges!

Anyway, now i have a less offensive apron for when i’m manning my stall at the upcoming event. You can bet i’m still wearing the old one to do the baking though!



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