Last bag (for a while at least)… Promise!!

Ok, just one more bag then i’ll stop, ok? It’s been bag overload in the last couple of posts, and i am sorry – i’m just trying to document all the bags i’ve recently made so i can put them on one side and start writing about some other stuff! And frankly, at the moment i can’t wait!


So, just one more bag…

This simple handbag in a gorgeous deep red corduroy from a thrifted toddler dress (accidentally deleted the before pic from my computer, sorry!) and some thrifted cotton sheets (lining) and cushion covers (handles).


The beautiful enamel button has been with me for a few years, it was quite expensive and so i was reluctant to use it without some careful consideration and it spent a long time waiting to be used. It went so well with this fabric i just couldn’t resist. No idea where it came from originally, but it’s made with a glass-like enamel on a concave disc of coconut shell and it really is gorgeous. There is another bag, almost exactly the same (the lovely toddler dress fabric just about stretched to 2 bags!) but lined with a dark forest green cotton and with a green enamel button, but i don’t have pictures of it yet. There are also a few bags i’ve finally got round to making from lovely soft knitted jumpers and lined with other upcycled clothing, but i don’t have photos of those yet either! There may well be another post on bags here before i’m done, but i promise i will post about something else in between, if only because i am becoming truly sick of bags (and i never thought i’d be saying that!) :) xx


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