Refashioned Bikini/Holiday Top

So, i’m off on holiday (a week in Lanzarote) in a few weeks and summery clothes have been on my mind :) This started as a cutoff from another project – i’d used the bottom part of this top to make a ‘faery top’ (one of my favourite things to make – the finished top can be seen here) and had this bit left over.


I couldn’t bear to throw away any of this lovely tropical print fabric, and it was conveniently lined so there was quite a lot of fabric there to work with! I first chopped off all the stitching to separate the parts, and unpicked the ‘scrunchy’ bit in the centre where the straps were originally attached. I love halterneck tops, but i need a bit more support than those central straps seem to give! I used both the front part and lining to make a more solid top with more strength, support and coverage!


I had a section of the back of the top left too, so i attached bits from that to make it extend further around the sides – leaving a gap of a few inches in the middle of my back. I also used the remaining back pieces to make some small tubes which would become loops to thread the lacing at the back through:


I then pinned the outer and lining together with right sides facing, and positioned the halterneck straps (made from one of the original straps – luckily they were quite long!) facing inwards where i wanted them to go, then stitched around the edge with a straight stretch stitch just leaving both ends open.

IMG_1059 IMG_1064


I turned the resulting tube the right way out, and folded theend bits of the tube inward by about 1cm to make a nice neat edge. As i pinned these in place i added the little tubes i’d made earlier, pinning them in place to form loops. Then topstitched all the way around – this helped neaten the rest of the top as well as securing the loops and each end.


Finally i used the last scrap to make a cylinder to go round the centre of the top to cinch it in and give more of a feminine shape, and used the second original strap to lace up the back using the loops at each end. It was just about long enough – The finished result: a bright, tropical-patterned top perfect for hot weather! It’s stretchy enough to be comfortable, but I think it’s also thick and stable enough to be worn as a bikini top if necessary.


Sorry for the mess in the background!IMG_1068







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