An updated refashion

I added some applique crochet flowers and changed the button on this white top last summer to make it more interesting…

The finished top

but it had never really made it into my regular-wear clothes, because it’s a size or so too big and just hung in quite a baggy and unflattering way. I thought about taking it in, but i’d spent ages carefully hand-sewing some of the flowers over the side fabric i’d have to lose, and didn’t fancy unpicking and re-doing all that painstaking stitching. IMG_9711

So i took it in from the back in a really simple way. I pinched up and pinned two pleat-like lines of fabric either side of the middle of the back. I don’t have a photo of this step but hopefully you’ll be able to see from the finished photo that it’s not complicated. Then i just straight-stitched along the ‘pinched’ line to create two sticking-out ridges of fabric, kind of like reverse pin tucks. For this top they each stuck out about 5mm, obviously this could be adapted to take a top in by more or less.

The tucks didn’t take in the top as much as it needed, but they didn’t need to – the next step was to use a thick (but sharp) needle and embroidery thread to sew corset-style lacing down the back of the top. This is much easier to show than to describe:


You can see how the tucked strips of fabric now lie pointing inwards towards each other forming the sides of the lace-up section. I’ve done similar things before by just cutting up the middle back of a top and making it a lace-up, but this way the fabric stays in the back and keeps it a bit warmer and more modest. As you can see below, the top now looks more like my size and hangs better and the back has a bit more interest to it!




A mini refashion

This was a very simple refashion of a blue cord mini skirt – adding some pretty little crochet flowers for a bit of extra colour and interest. i say ‘simple’, definitely not ‘quick’ as those flowers are fiddly and take quite some time to make! very satisfying though :) The skirt is now up on my Etsy page as is the blue top in the pictures :)

IMG_1167 IMG_1168 IMG_1173 IMG_1174

pretty! :)

A quick update on past refashions!

Just a few quick notes on some of the refashions i’ve done in the past year that i haven’t posted about before becuse… well, there isn’t that much to say! So i’ve lumped them all together and i hope you’ll forgive me for showing lots of pretty pictures to make up for relatively few words :)

First up… A super simple ‘refashion’ last spring, my partner had these lovely shorts that were a nice soft fabric and fit well, but he’d got paint on one leg somehow (no before pic, sorry – it wasn’t a massive amount, but noticeable enough to make them unwearable). So i took one of his phone-doodles (these will make an appearance again at some point as i have got some interesting designs out of his random doodling while on the phone at work!) and fabric-painted it on.


The black outline is just a fabric-paint marker; the red design was applied by making a stencil and sponging the pain on; if you do this PLEASE put newspaper, board, or something inside whatever you’re painting on so it doesn’t go through to the other side (guess who ruined the first thing she tried painting :p). The fabric paint started off a bit stiff, but after washing it softened up, and my partner was very happy with his ‘new’ shorts. He liked the big bold image and the fact that it was a joint creation :)

Second quick refashion – i apologise for the bad quality image of these, i was in a rush to capture them all together before distributing them to various friends and relatives and didn;t take a lot of time over it. These are scented hearts made from scraps of various projects, i just put a few drops of essential oils onto the stuffing before putting it in and voila! Some are slightly odd shapes, i was still getting used to the way different fabrics stretch and shape during this project, plus was just using what scraps i had with no template, so it was in no way an exact science!


These next 2 are created from my partner’s old jeans – he handed down a few pairs to me for fabric after a clearout and i’ve been making good use of them! A pair of oven gloves – i love the double-ended ones like this – utilising an old towel for the inner wadding:


And a few cute little purses – some of which became gifts and some of which will be in my Etsy shop by next week! I’ve included a couple of ‘making of’ pictures here to show how simple the process was – just cut a paper template in an ‘envelope’ design of the size i wanted, cut around it on the jeans and lining (for which i used some inherited fabric from my stash and an upcycled blouse) put these pieces right sides together and straight-stitched around them leaving a gap to turn through, turned them right-side out, ironed, then arranged them in the envelope shape (by folding the bottom edge up to meet the start of the ‘pointy’ bit) and topstitched around the whole thing.

IMG_7656 IMG_7665 IMG_7670 IMG_7671 IMG_7678 IMG_7654

Simples! I then made a couple of little ruffly bits and sewed them either onto the purse directly or onto a brooch back to make little removable pins.

At the same time as making these purses, i got a bit carried away doing lots of fiddly bits that were quite time-consuming, very enjoyable but didn’t contribute much (or at all) to my to-do list… i’m sure you know the feeling! The outcomes included…

IMG_7324 IMG_7675 IMG_1283 IMG_1284 IMG_1285

Re-covered/embellished gift boxes and cute gift bags – not essential by any stretch, but they made me happy :)

Before Christmas i took some fabric from an old sparkly dress that had just got too ratty and bobbled to wear any more and made some sparkley silver stars to hang in our kitchen for the holidays – i added some felt stars and buttons for extra colour:

IMG_0843 IMG_1129 IMG_1130

They look great with the multicoloured lights my mum lent us! Thanks Mum! :)

The last but not least is these lovely leg warmers from the sleeves of an old jumper, simply cut above the handy ‘balloon’ part of the sleeve and zig-zag stitched to keep in from fraying, to which i added a couple of little fabric flowers and leaves:

IMG_9614 IMG_9681

That’s all for now folks! I’m very excited about lots of new things going up in my Etsy shop at the moment though so i’ll be back and posting about those very soon! xx