A few tshirt-to-tote bag refashions

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! i hope you have had a wonderful festive season :)

This post is a little belated as i made these before Christmas and gave a couple as gifts. The others will be up and available soon on my Etsy shop :)

Here are some of the tops i started with (forgot to take pics of the first few, oops!)


Two became a gift to one of my best friends – she was with me charity-shopping for the shirts and really liked the colourful one, so i decided it should be for her :)

IMG_0863The black jumper above is going to be a bag for me – obviously therefore not as important and is still on my huge to-do pile! maybe in january i’ll get some make-things-for-me time :p

Here are the other bags (with no before picture, sorry)

IMG_0854 IMG_7325 IMG_9159

I think my personal favourite is the owl, he’s so cute! i do like the contrasting pocket on the denim bag too though (the odd one out not being made from a tshirt!) especially with the accent of an old leather rose brooch.

Much love, enjoy the rest of the festivites! xx


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