Gecko top to Lacy top refashion

Somewhere amongst all the house-sewing i have been doing recently, a couple of ‘me’ projects worked themselves in :) One was this top.

I started with an old and well-loved strappy top of mine with a faded gecko print and a couple of holes in the front, and a pink stretch-lace cardigan-thing from a charity shop, which i’d bought purely for the fabric. (The dress is another old item of mine which is soon to be upcycled but i didn’t get round to today – its story will be continued later!)

I decided to dispense with the front of the gecko top as it was really too worn and holey, so the back of the top was now to become the front and vice versa. I started by unpicking the binding joining the straps to the gecko side of the top, so that i would get a bit of extra length on the straps before i cut them. I then snipped down the side seams leaving just the back (the new front) of the top, which was plain black, with two long straps attached.

I used the old gecko side of the top as a guide to cut out a panel of pink lace that would become the new back to my top. I used the existing bottom hem of the cardigan, and cut it straight across at the top rather than shaping it like the original top, to make it easier to sew. I hemmed the top by turning over 1cm then another 1cm and straight-stitching it down (my machine does a kind of 3-part straight stitch that allows the fabric to still stretch a little once it is sewn, if you didn’t have this then a zig-zag would give the same stretch though it would look a bit different).

While i was messing about with the pink lace fabric it occurred to me that it looked very nice placed over the plain black. For a while i toyed with the idea of covering the front of the top with the lace as well, then decided that would be too much. I cut out a heart shape and appliquéd it to the front using a stretch straight stitch and leaving the edges unfinished (it doesn’t look like the kind of fabric to fray but we’ll see!).

It was then just a case of pinning the new front and new back of the top together and stitching (again with the stretch straight stitch – rather than zig-zag over the raw edges as i normally would, which can make them wavy and thus more bulky, i did 2 rows of straight stitch as an experiment to see if that alse helps prevent deterioration. neither fabric is particularly fragile so it should be fine). I pinned the straps to the back and tried the top on to check their length and positioning was ok, then sewed them on. The finished product:


Not the world’s best pictures, sorry, but you get the idea! I’m pleased with how this turned out, and it ended up taking a lot less time and effort than i had expected. Bonus! Now to find something to do with the rest of the cardigan….


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