A simple jumper to jacket / cardigan refashion

This was a really simple refashion which i have seen around the web quite a lot. I didn’t follow a specific pattern or instructions but just winged it based on some finished projects i had seen on the web (sorry to those that inspired this project, but it was such a long time ago that i saw those inspiring posts ive forgotten where they were written and by whom).

I started with a lovely Per Una jumper from a charity shop, too big for me and not something i would wear in jumper form (i don’t really wear jumpers and find jackets/cardigans much nicer). I measured and cut right up the middle of the front (i was a bit worried it would start unravelling as the weave is quite loose but was pleasantly surprised!). I used some fabric scraps from another project for facings on the cut edges – no pictures i’m afraid but there are lots of good tutorials out there! It basically involves sewing a strip of facing fabric to the cut edge, right sides together, then turning the facing all the way under and stiching it flat on the inside. As i sewed the facing on one side, i inserted some little loops of scrap ribbon at measured intervals, and afterwards hand-sewed some pretty buttons on the other side to make the fastening. As a finishing touch i added two little buttons to each sleeve.

The top is now a jacket, which i am much more likely to wear!  :)


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