Thinking about Christmas update – more etsy fun!

Starting to make Christmas presents for my friends and family has got me thinking about the things i’ve made that might make good presents for other people! I have several boxes of finished projects in my parents’ garage and after posting about Christmas present for people i know last week i’ve been motivated to start putting some of them up on Etsy and Folksy.

I’m starting to realise just how much stuff i have! I’ve got through one box of crocheted bags so far and there’s at least 4 more to go, plus hats, scarves, gloves – you name it, i’ve crocheted it! And then not really known what to do with it and shoved it in a box :( poor little crocheted things! But now they’re getting pulled out and given a chance at being loved.

Here are a few of the ones that have gone up already –

The country / folky style bag

The ‘you are my sunshine’ bag!

The big snuggly ‘sloppy joe’ bag

Another pink pixie bag

And the charmingly unrealistic neon pink toadstool!

There will be many more to come!

I’ve also had some fun today (otherwise known as procrastinating while i should be doing more ‘important’ stuff!) making a little brooch to go with the wavy teal scarf from my last Christmas post

teal shooting starfish!

which is also all set to go on Etsy (as soon as i stop making brooches and start taking photos!) :)


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