Pretty Doilies and Upcycled Embroidery Jeans (and top to match)

This is my last pair of ‘crazy pants’ as my boyfriend has taken to calling them. These do not look anywhere near as crazy as the more brightly coloured ones (here and here), though sometimes i think i must be crazy to commit myself to doing this much hand-sewing as it takes forever! Worth it though!

My most recent pair of embellished jeans are inspired by all the lovely vintage style i have seen recently, plus my newfound love of making, and decorating things with, crocheted doilies!

I started off with a comfortable but plain pair of jeans i think were originally from Matalan, again i’ve had them for a while but rarely wore them as i felt they lacked interest. I also had a much-loved and thoroughly worn out pair of jeans with beautiful machine embroidery of a peacock and flowers, but they had started to disintegrate a bit in some pretty important places (such as, ahem, the crotch seams). That’s what you get when you wear something nearly every day. I just couldn’t bear to let that lovely embroidery go, even though the jeans were now unwearable (i have since done a reasonable job of a kind of reverse-applique patch effort on some large holes in my boyfriend’s jeans, but i felt that because of where the holes were, with all the seams in the way, trying this on mine would just make them too stiff and uncomfortable). So:

Onto the comfy-but-plain jeans that embroidery went! Along with some pretty crocheted doilies too. I cut it out from the old jeans and hand-sewed it very carefully and very thoroughly (to make sure it wouldn’t fray) onto the new ones. I tacked it on before i sewed it properly to make sure it was lying flat (same with the doilies, especially the big ones) and used matching thread so it wouldn’t be too obvious. I also added a little red flower over one of the embroidered ones – i found a little bit of leftover red yarn while i was making the jeans and it decided it wanted to be involved :p) Some of the doilies were made by me – these are the ones in the chunky thread (what i had on hand)

the more delicate ones were given to me by a friend’s grandma, a lovely lady who had crocheted them herself years ago. She can’t crochet any more as her eyesight is not good enough, and she very kindly gave me some of her vintage patterns too. The doilies she gave me are incredibly fine and delicate and must have been very fiddly to do, i am in great admiration of her patience! Especially the one at the top here, look how delicate it is!

I also embellished a lovely strappy top i got from a charity shop to go with my ‘new’ jeans. It was a kind of dark beigey colour when i got it, but i loved the old-fashioned bobbin-lace trim and wooden buttons. in the end i just soaked it in a mixture of household bleach and water for about 4 days until it gave in and went this colour:

Then added some little doilies (some of which had also had to be bleached as they had darkened with age)

So i now have one lovely pale and summery top and some much more interesting jeans! I wear the jeans loads now :) happy days! xx


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