A Little Less Crazy Pants Refashion

OK, so i was going to post about some things i have made or worn for the first time in the last couple of days, but my camera is out of battery so while it charges i thought i’d add to the story of the Crazy Pants from the last post. I have made another two pairs (so far) of embellished jeans using bits of other, worn-out clothes as the basis for the embellishment. I’ll just talk about the first one here. UPDATE: The other pair are here.

This pair is actually the first set i made:

Back view

These were constructed from a pair of purple baggy pants and a pair of blue baggies in the same lightweight cord fabric. I’ve had both for years and both were my favourite trousers at one time of another, and as such got worn out fairly quickly. Both had already been trimmed at the bottom where the fabric was worn from rubbing on the floor; the blue ones were fastened with press studs i’d added when the zip broke (my sewing skills/patience at that point not extending to zip replacement!) and eventually relegated to messycrafting wear.

The purple ones were worn at the bottom but otherwise not too bad, until the fabric just under one back pocket started to go. I really didn’t fancy the idea of having holes in the bum area! The bottoms of each leg were also getting quite tatty, and to cut/hem them would have made them too short. So i chopped off the bottom portion of the blue baggies- leaving me with perfectly serviceable shorts for indoor crafting and messiness :)

The bottom portions had to be pieced together to fit onto the purple trousers as extensions – since the pants originally had roughly the same width of leg, in order to continue the ‘flare’ of the legs, i had to make the added portion wider by cutting up and piecing the blue fabric,. I also wanted to keep the ankle-level pocket from the blue pants, which was a feature i really loved. Massively impractical since you can’t really keep anything at all heavy in there, but it’s quirky and i like it. I basically just made a tube of blue fabric and kept fiddling with the width until it looked right. It needed a bit of a slant too in order to look flared (this would be much easier with straight pants!)

I sewed it all together and hemmed the bottom of the blue, topstitched the seam where the blue and purple joined to make it stay flat, and went over any raw edges with a zig zag stitch to protect against fraying. I pinned the pocket on where i wanted it to go and just topstitched on top of the original seam (i had just cut it out from the blue pants very close to the seam so it wouldn’t fray, rather than unpicking it all) Sorry i don’t have more pictures of the process, when i get into making something i tend to rush through it to find out if it will work! I need to get better at stopping to take pictures.

The bits of blue that weren’t used up in the actual construction were cut up into hearts of different sizes for the decoration, along with any salvageable bits of purple cut off the bottom. I hand-sewed each heart on with matching thread so it wouldn’t show, then decorated (and reinforced) each one with sparkly embroidery thread.

This would be a good way of making jeans longer, for a growing child for example, or simply edging them when they get a bit tattered at the bottom.

You could also make straight jeans into flares or too-small jeans a bit bigger by using the same or contrasting fabric to put an insert down the side, like i did with these:





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