Ice Cream Top Refashion

This was a top i rescued from a charity shop, looking all sad and plain with half of its original white fabric covered buttons missing and the others hanging by a thread. I saw it and immediately knew what it needed – nothing drastic, but a bit of colour and a lot of love! i am terrible at remembeing to take ‘before’ pictures, but i’m sure you can imagine what it will have looked like as it’s not too big a change:

The finished top

I just removed the original plain white buttons and added some sweet little ones from my button box in ‘ice-cream’ colours, then found some matching embroidery thread left over from some long-ago project and crocheted some delicate flowers for extra decoration. I sewed them on carefully with white cotton and ta-da! one pretty summer top ready to wear. It is a little bit big for me and i was thinking of putting it up for sale, but then i noticed how well it goes with my ice-cream skirt (also a charity shop find), and both my mum and my partner were already of the opinion that i should keep it, so i gave in :p Plus i’m sure a bit of extra room will just make it more comfortable in warm weather!

ice-cream top and ice-cream skirt! hoping that if i wear summery colours it might persuade the sun to come out…

i’ll stick a couple of close-ups in here so you can see more clearly what i’ve added-


and the crochet flowers –

I did not follow a specific pattern for the flowers, i just kind of made them up as i went along! They are probably very similar to other patterns you can find online – there are some lovely (and easy!) crochet flower patterns around, such as here and here. You could definitely make the small flowers i made for my top from these patterns. (If you would like instructions on learning how to crochet, try Crochet Geek which has some great instructional videos.)

To be totally honest, i’m not entirely sure i could write a pattern for the larger flowers since like i said i was making it up on the fly! if there is any interest though i will happily have a go.


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