Another quick and easy refashion

This was another super simple refashion, again from a charity shop find. Most things i make are! They are such a good resource for varied, eco-friendly (and wallet friendly) supplies. I love rooting through rails of old clothes and letting my imagination run wild. This does mean that i end up coming home with bags of clothes and fabric and millions of ideas, and invariably some of them never quite make it as far as the sewing machine :(

This one, however, did – partly because if was so easy! I started with an oversize top in a lovely soft and stretchy teal fabric, with halter straps and some pretty lace trim.

I have a lot of fairly short summer tops but few long ones, so decided to keep the full length of the top. Plus, i love the lace trim on the bottom. I kept the straps too, rather than crocheting my own as i normally do.

I cut a strip vertically from the back of the top, which was a few inches wide (sorry i neglected to take a picture of this step!) This was basically just to remove enough fabric from the top so that it would leave a gap across my back as i wanted it to be a lace-up back. If you were doing this, the amount of fabric you’d need to remove would depend on the size of your top and of you, and the amount of your back you wanted to show. The important thing is to ensure to leave enough fabric to hem the vertical edges where you have cut.
I used some of the fabric i had cut away to make some loops for my lace-up back.

I cut a strip about 8 inches long by 1 1/2 inches wide and folded both the long edges in to meet in the centre of the strip. I then folded it over to fully enclose the raw edges and sewed along where the folded edges met. This made a long strip which i cut into 4 pieces, each of which i folded in half to make a loop. I pinned each loop on to where i wanted it to go as i folded and pinned the hem on either side of my ‘back gap’. I sewed the hem and loops in place, and finally found some pink ribbon to tie the back and some little fabric flowers in my stash for a bit of embellishment. Done! The whole top took about an hour to make, the longest part of which was probably sewing on the fabric flowers at the end (andthhat only took so long because i kept changing my mind about what colours of flowers to use and where).

The finished top!

and the back view

So there you go! Super quick and simple :)


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